Digital Marketing Specialist / Filmmaker / Dad

I am a digital marketing specialist for hire, with a focus on providing SEO services for small business, and in my spare time, I am an independent filmmaker, most known for my short film Real Reality: Life Inside The Discomfort Zone. My favorite job of all is being a father. My heart is with my children and my family, but I love what I do for a living, too.

However, I am not what I do for a living and I am not what I do in my leisure time. I am not my achievements and I am not my failures. I am not what I look like and I am not what you physically see. I am not what I have and I am not what I do not have. I am not my reputation or what other people think of me. Who I am is not separate from everybody else. I am not my ego. What you view on this website is merely a vehicle for employment, so that I can provide for my children.

Father + Jack-Of-All-Trades

I’m a father of two that loves his #1 job of being a dad. I was raised in a world of simple and practical beliefs, but I now spend my time constantly searching for ways to weave all of my previously ‘impractical’ hobbies, skills, and nearly two decades of work experience into my career. As a self-proclaimed ‘jack of all trades, master of none,’ I am fortunate to be able to use all my experiences in digital marketing and combine it with the several creative skills I’ve acquired since a very early age. Having skills in multiple areas of digital marketing is becoming the standard— no longer can you only do SEO or only do E-mail Marketing. The former silos of the digital marketing are crumbling and I’m fortunate to have a plethora of skills.

 I Have Skills

From right-brained skills like photography, video production, and web design to left-brained skills like SEO, content marketing, and analytics, I’ve had the luxury of learning many different skills over my years. I’ve held a variety of jobs since I was 16 years old: from unloading trucks, selling shoes, and selling beer at NFL games, to executing highly profitable SEO campaigns and working in a world class photography studio. I’m very well rounded, to say the least.

Digital Marketing Pays The Bills

I got my start in digital marketing working on a world-class, business-driving SEO team at Fanatics, Inc, the industry leading sports merchandise e-commerce company that operates websites for all of the major professional sports leagues, top media brands, and over 150+ NCAA and professional sports teams. While at Fanatics, I was also a Product Photographer in a state of the art studio.

Comedy Is My Passion

When not executing marketing campaigns,  I work on my own comedy based websites and have produced over 50+ funny videos, commercial parodies, and award-winning short films for a sketch comedy collective I co-founded in 2013, Upside Down Creative Media. Without any budget or financial backing, I was able to get our content shared on several top social channels, including Comedy Central’s Twitter. I’ve also won the Audience Choice Award two years in a row (2016 & 2017) for two separate comedic short films, in two different festivals.

What I Do Now

My current occupation is Search Marketing Specialist, developing and managing the SEM/SEO, and Social Media campaigns for a nationally recognized drug and alcohol rehab that serves patients seeking addiction treatment from all over the United States. 75% of our patient population is from out of the state of Florida, where our facility is located.

In 2016, I briefly worked for a couple digital marketing agencies servicing various types of clients and I freelanced as the manager of SEO and Social Media campaigns for e-commerce sites owned by Associated Packaging, Inc, a company focused on providing poly bags and packaging solutions for businesses of all sizes.

On the side, I am the webmaster for a few different websites, including the website for the Jacksonville Short Film Showcase, an event focused on showcasing local films in Jacksonville. I recently partnered with Aftershock Pictures to build a website to promote their upcoming feature film, Gorehound. I also run a blog that hosts infographic submissions for SEO’s looking to gain backlinks for their linkable assets (infographics & informational videos.)