Digital Marketing Services

I offer a range of digital marketing services for small businesses and startups. My unique background stems from my experience working in-house for a billion dollar e-commerce website, to freelancing as an independent contractor for multiple small businesses, as well as a brief role with an award winning digital marketing agency. I specialize in SEO (local and national), Copywriting, Social Media Marketing, and Blog Development/Management. I am comfortable working in many popular Content Management Systems like WordPress and AspDotNetStorefront. I even have experience working in several custom CMS and have the ability to optimize a custom built (non-CMS) website.

Case Studies

Unfortunately, due to legal agreements with previous clients and employers, I am not publicly allowed to share the identity of my digital marketing case studies. I can, however, provide references in association with the data below for verification.

These case studies are made available to show my achievements in digital marketing without compromising financial information of past clients/employers. The case studies I will share are anonymized and the information was collected from Google Analytics or Adobe Omniture.

Digital Marketing Case Study #1

(National e-Commerce SEO, Major Business)

Comparing data from April 2014 – April 2015 vs. April 2013 – April 2014
  • Assisted SEO Manager in experiencing approx. 20%+ increase in overall yearly natural search traffic and approx. 20%+ natural search revenue on a single site, year-over-year (YOY.)
  • On the same site, I helped achieve several millions of high-quality / converting sessions from natural search traffic and over a quarter billion dollars in natural search revenue, all from SEO optimization and content creation.
  • 8 months into my SEO career, I relieved the SEO Manager for over 2 months during our busiest season and became the primary SEO on the highest traffic / revenue site in our portfolio, resulting in continued positive YOY growth in natural search revenue and traffic for that period of time.
  • The SEO department consistently generated over half of the revenue and traffic of the billion dollar organization my entire tenure at the company.

Digital Marketing Case Study #2

(National e-Commerce SEO & Social Media, Small Business)

Comparing data from JAN 2016 – FEB 2016 vs. JAN 2015 – FEB 2015
  • Independently directed SEO campaigns to drive a 371% increase in natural search traffic, YOY in the first month of my contract, comparing to a hired marketing agency the prior year. After month three, the site saw 263% growth in natural search traffic and began to experience it’s first sales.
  • With changes to on-page content and the rewriting of copy, the site experienced a 20% drop in bounce rate and an average duration increase of over 7:00 minutes on site.
  • Previously not ranking for any relevant keywords, in the first month I was able to get one high volume keyword and several long-tail keywords ranking within the first few pages. By the third month, these keywords were ranking on the first and second page.
  • Increased traffic from Facebook 166.67% YOY; LinkedIn 136.84%; Twitter 3300%, and ∞% on Google+ and Pinterest, since there was no previous traffic from those platforms.

Content Development

If you are looking for a source for content development and creation, not only do I offer copy-writing services, but I also offer video production services, audio production services, and photography. If you don’t even have a website, I offer web design services as well.


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