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I offer a range of digital marketing services for small businesses and startups. My unique background stems from my experience working in-house for a billion dollar e-commerce website to freelancing as an independent contractor for multiple small businesses, as well as a brief role with an award winning digital marketing agency. I specialize in SEO (local and national),  PageSpeed Insights Optimization, Copywriting, Social Media Marketing, and Blog Development/Management. I am comfortable working in most popular Content Management Systems like WordPress and AspDotNetStorefront. I even have experience working in several custom CMS and have the ability to optimize a custom built (non-CMS) website.

PageSpeed Insights Optimization

In the mobile age of the internet, PageSpeed matters. The speed of your site is crucial to the success of your website. I have a solid understanding of PageSpeed Insights Optimization and can get your site running efficiently so that you can focus more on your content strategy, and not worry about the technical optimizations. Whether you are a developer that needs consultation for hardware recommendations or you are clueless with where to begin on optimizing your website for speed, I can help.

Here are some sample tests from my own website:

Pingdom Performance Summary

( Optimization & Latency Reduction

Case Studies

Unfortunately, due to legal agreements with previous clients and employers, I am not publicly allowed to share the identity of my digital marketing case studies. I can, however, provide references in association with the data below for verification.

These case studies are made available to show my achievements in digital marketing without compromising financial information of past clients/employers. The case studies I will share are anonymized and the information was collected from Google Analytics or Adobe Omniture.

Digital Marketing Case Study #1

(National e-Commerce SEO, Major Business)

Comparing data from April 2014 – April 2015 vs. April 2013 – April 2014
  • Assisted SEO Manager in experiencing approx. 20%+ increase in overall yearly natural search traffic and approx. 20%+ natural search revenue on a single site, year-over-year (YOY.)
  • On the same site, I helped achieve several millions of high-quality / converting sessions from natural search traffic and over a quarter billion dollars in natural search revenue, all from SEO optimization and content creation.
  • 8 months into my SEO career, I relieved the SEO Manager for over 2 months during our busiest season and became the primary SEO on the highest traffic/revenue site in our portfolio, resulting in continued positive YOY growth in natural search revenue and traffic for that period of time.
  • The SEO department consistently generated over half of the revenue and traffic of the billion dollar organization my entire tenure at the company.

Digital Marketing Case Study #2

(National e-Commerce SEO & Social Media, Small Business)

Comparing data from JAN 2016 – FEB 2016 vs. JAN 2015 – FEB 2015
  • Independently directed SEO campaigns to drive a 371% increase in natural search traffic, YOY in the first month of my contract, comparing to a hired marketing agency the prior year. After month three, the site saw 263% growth in natural search traffic and began to experience its first sales.
  • With changes to on-page content and the rewriting of copy, the site experienced a 20% drop in bounce rate and an average duration increase of over 7:00 minutes on the site.
  • Previously not ranking for any relevant keywords, in the first month I was able to get one high volume keyword and several long-tail keywords ranking within the first few pages. By the third month, these keywords were ranking on the first and second page.
  • Increased traffic from Facebook 166.67% YOY; LinkedIn 136.84%; Twitter 3300%, and ∞% on Google+ and Pinterest, since there was no previous traffic from those platforms.

Content Development

If you are looking for a source for content development and creation, not only do I offer copywriting services, but I also offer video production services, audio production services, and photography. If you don’t even have a website, I offer web design services as well.


Digital Marketing Services: Red Flags

When you are looking for digital marketing services: buyer beware. There are a lot of digital marketing agencies that sell SEO services with nobody on staff that truly understands SEO. I’ve witnessed web design companies try to convert sales by “adding SEO or PPC” to their list of offers and SEO companies tout themselves as an award-winning digital marketing company for winning an award that nobody has ever heard of for marketing a company… that nobody has ever heard of.

Many internet marketing experts will tell you that it is impossible to run a successful SEO campaign if you don’t have experience in the niche industry you are marketing. Don’t let vendors complicate SEO and digital marketing services just to fool you into a contract. While it is essential to understand the industry you are marketing, if a proper Discovery & Research phase is implemented, this will be sufficient to learn any industry.

How can you expect to set yourself apart from the rest of your industry if the same person marketing your competitors is leading your campaign?

Vet your company carefully to ensure you choose a good SEO company for your business. Being careless or moving too fast only leads to disastrous results. SEO is all about slow growth, so no need to make a quick decision. Take your time.

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SEO and digital marketing don’t have to be complicated. Regardless of your niche, I’m available for hire for your project or campaign. Please use the form below to get a quote on any of the digital marketing services I provide. My rates are fairly priced and I create custom packages that are designed to meet the unique needs of your business or project.

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