#1 – My Partner, Children, & Church

I recently decided to start writing a gratitude journal. Fortunately, I’m in a great mood right now. Today is an easy day to start because everything in my life, for the most part, seems in sync.

  1. I am grateful for my partner and the mother of my children. We have been together since 2011. Though we are still not married legally, we have a strong commitment to each other and our children. I think back to when we met and where my life was – there is no doubt in my mind that she saved me.
  2. I am grateful for my children. They are the truest form of love that I have in my life. They are my purpose to live and one of the core reasons I strive to better myself. The number one thing I love being is a father. It is the core of my identity and even though I know they will leave the nest one day, I am so incredibly fortunate to have this experience with them.
  3. I am grateful for my church. I spent most of my life as a cynical agnostic with a deep interest in philosophy and Eastern religion. Though I still consider some of the teachings from different philosophy and Eastern religions relevant to my faith, I attend a new age, non-denominational Christian church, which has a very Baptist influence. Although I do not subscribe to all of the methods of teaching, I am still grateful for the weekly messages and reminders to connect with God.

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