Earlier this month, I got hacked.

Yea, I know what you’re thinking. Why would someone hack me? I guess my answer to that is: boredom. I’m not a particularly interesting person. I am not rich. I really have nothing to offer to anyone, other than my own creative abilities.

I’ve lost all my blogs. Fortunately, I have a backup (manually from FTP) of my website, so once I figure out how to extract my old blogs from it, I will get them back up. I was quite proud of my 5-6 blogs, so I definitely want to get them back.

As for the old design, I’ve decided to ditch my old theme and start from scratch with the incredibly simple Twenty Seventeen WordPress Theme. I actually quite like this theme, with it’s simple, clean feel and built in ability to install video headers.

I am currently finished rebuilding my vlog page and my photography page, but there is quite a bit of work left for the rest of my portfolio. I’m hoping to have it done before February, so I can focus on my future projects.

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