Digital Marketing Services for Small Businesses

The digital marketing services for small businesses that I offer are built on the foundation of my entrepreneurial career focused on driving measurable results. I take a simplified and logical approach to digital marketing with a focus on increasing conversions, repeat traffic, and generating brand loyalty online. I will take the time to learn about you and what drives your business and once I fully understand your brand and intention, I will start making the changes that will drive results for small businesses. The result is an affordable custom digital marketing strategy that delivers substantial ROI, enabling startups to grow and small businesses to thrive.

SEO Services

I stay on top of the latest trends and Mar-Tech to cultivate a solid performing SEO campaign built for the future. From local SEO, to national campaigns and e-commerce SEO, to SEO for lead-generation for multiple industries, I have had experience and success in all areas of Search Engine Optimization.

Video Production Services

From years of being an award-winning independent filmmaker to several years of creating video content for corporate companies, I’m confident in my ability to produce compelling and memorable stories through video. Whether you need a funny advertisement or something short and sweet for social, I’m ready to produce it.


As a former professional, corporate photographer for the world’s leading e-commerce company for licensed commercial sports products, I have over a decade of experience working in photography. From product photography to event photography, headshots, product photography, and much more.

Audio Production Services

I grew up in a musical family with a mother that sang and a father that shredded on his guitar. From a very early age, I developed a liking for music and learned to play several instruments quickly. My passion is electronic music. I am ready to produce your next track for commercial use or even for use in your next personal creative project.


I might not be the best on paper. I might not have the education or digital marketing certification you are looking for. I might not be the smartest person in the room. But, I can promise you one thing… I’m going to deliver something you are happy with. Whether you need someone that’s hands-on to help fill the gaps in your marketing team or you have no clue what you need and want me to consult, let’s work together.

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