Video Production, Original Content, & Editing

I have been producing video content (solo) in Jacksonville, FL for various outlets over the past 6 years– successfully developing over 100+ projects in my time. I generally work alone on all of my projects, but have a small network of freelancers online I use from time to time to help create digital assets on my projects. I am always open to working in bigger productions, as I have collaborated with many local Jacksonville filmmakers and other small business entrepreneurs on their own projects. You might see other digital marketing leaders touting their experience and involvement in producing high-quality video content, but little do they tell you, they only managed a budget and watched other people do the work. That’s not the kind of video producer I am. I actually get my hands dirty. I do it all… and on very little, to no budget. Here’s an example of some of the products I’ve used in my video production services.

Sketch Comedy Videos & Short Films

I started working in the local film scene in 2008 by making short films and YouTube series with my friends. I landed my first ‘acting’ credit in a short film title Intruder, but soon after realized I was more interested in behind the scenes work. Since then, I have produced over 75+ funny videos and short films with a comedy production group I co-founded, Upside Down Creative Media.

60 Second Mocks

60 Second Mocks is a series I developed and produced that takes a mocking look at the original series, 60 Second Docs. In this series, you will come across some of the most bizarre characters you’ve ever seen.


Various Sketches

I’ve produced, written, and directed over 100 sketch comedy videos since 2008. Here’s a selection of some of my favorites.


Independent Short Films

I’ve directed, written, produced, directed, and edited 5 short films since 2014. Of these films, two of them have won awards: Real Reality: Life Inside The Discomfort Zone (LOL JAX Film Festival, Audience Choice Award 2017) and Jessie Higgins & His Inner Demon (Jacksonville Short Film Showcase, Audience Choice Award 2016).

Social Media Content / 2D Animation

I have had experience developing videos for companies, ranging from product videos to animated explainer videos, or company profile videos. All videos have been produced to specification, per the company, but I also am capable of offering consultation and artistic direction.