Video Production In Jacksonville, FL

I have over a decade of experience in video production in Jacksonville, FL. I have executed everything from pre-production tasks like producing, booking, writing, and story-boarding, to production tasks like directing, camera operating, and all the way to post-production tasks like editing, basic animation, and even marketing. I’ve won several awards, including Audience Favorite at LOL Jax Film Festival 2017 for my film ‘Real Reality: Life Inside The Discomfort Zone.’

I have had the opportunity in my career to produce several videos for companies in Jacksonville, FL. In 2019, I started working in the television news/media industry. I am the former executive producer of Jax In Action, a weekly Facebook Live morning show. Throughout my time at Cox Media Group, I produced hundreds of social news teases and promotional videos designed to spark high percentage organic engagement and push social media followers to tune into live broadcasts. I have also had the opportunity to produce high quality television image spots for both brand, clients, and our internal agency. I am currently working as a Senior Creative Services Producer/Editor for Graham Media Group (WCWJ/WJXT/ECWJ.)

In addition to film production, I have also produced a few of podcasts including “Making Friends with Jessica Mears,” “Bold City Sports Talk Podcast,” and “Laugh Mountain Comedy Podcast.”

Experience Level with Production Shoot Scenarios

Commercial Production 80%
Testimonial Interviews 85%
Live Event Production 45%
Live Stream (Teleconference) Production 70%
Film Production 70%
Podcast Production 70%

Experience Level with Popular Video Production Apps

Sony Vegas 90%
Adobe Premiere 85%
Adobe After Effects 45%
Adobe Rush (Mobile App) 75%
Adobe Audition 50%
Davinci Resolve 45%
Filmic Pro (Mobile App) 45%

Television Promo Spots

Social Media Videos

Live Video Production

Since May 2019, I’ve been the executive producer of Jax In Action, a first of it’s kind (in the North Florida news market) Facebook live show. The show focuses on things going around in the area, highlights local organizations and individuals making an impact in the community, and provides some levity in the world of news by focusing on positive stories, first and foremost.

A total revamp of the show was expected to launch in March 2020 called “Your 904,” but due to the COVID-19, the show was canceled.

In May of 2020, I started producing a pandemic-safe live show titled COVID Night Live. The show focuses on highlighting independent and professional comedic producers, filmmakers, actors, and writers from around the world. It also features live sketches from the cast, as well as bits and recurring segments each week.

Digital Comedy Videos

In 2013, I created Upside Down Creative Media, with my partner Rob Moccio. Together, we have produced over 200 comedy videos and award-winning short films. I am responsible for all technical, graphic, and aesthetic aspects of this content, from concept through production and final dissemination, though I do collaborate with others through the conceptual period.

Lights, Camera, Action! Let's roll!

If you are interested in getting a quote or hiring me for any aspect of video production, whether it’s directing, producing, writing, or editing – please use the form below to get in touch.

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