I don’t know why I vlog. My method is time consuming — setting up lights, using a DSLR without any auto-focus features, and then using external audio, which I have to sync up in post. It’s not the easiest setup, but I guess I do it so I can just get some of the weird thoughts out of my head. Vlogging isn’t for everyone and as you’ll see, in all my awkward glory, it’s not really for me, but I do it.

Vlog I – Introduction

I decided to get into the world of vlogging, or video logging for laymen, as a form of therapy for myself, as well as a way to document myself in my physical being, since I spend so much of my time documenting everyone else. This video outlines the start of the series with a basic introduction.

Vlog II – The Fallacy of Job Security

After being forced out of a job I love, I spent some time thinking about the situation and how I could have improved. After realizing that I was in a rut, I started freelancing and realizing the power of being self-employed. In this video, I discuss my opinion on job security based on the old ideology that “hard work pays off, always.” Find out why I disagree with this notion that all you have to do is work hard to get where you want.

Vlog III – Sleep Paralysis + Astral Projection + OBEs

My entire life, until recently, I regularly experienced a phenomenon called sleep paralysis. In this state of consciousness (or sub-consiousness) I experienced very many physical world altering states of mind, like Astral Projection and other Out of Body Experiences, or OBE’s. Find out more about my experiences as I discuss a very personal topic.

Vlog IV – Weight Loss | Trying To Be Less People

After getting pulled into a weight loss competition, I decided to start documenting my weight loss progress. In this video, you’ll see that I pretty much have no major plan of action to lose weight. All I know is that I’m trying to be less people in order to get healthy and win some money.

Vlog V – Weight Loss | Weird Updates + Shoutouts

Things get a little weird in this weight loss update. I’ve started losing weight, but I also inform you on some of the cheat days I’ve had. I also give some shoutouts to my comedy friends out there, with links to their videos to share some of my influences.

Vlog VI – Weight Loss | Updates + Other Experiences

I outlined my entire workout and meal plan to give my viewers an idea of what exactly I’m doing from day to day. Also, I update everyone on the progress of my several other projects.

Vlog VII – Weight Loss | I’m Going To The Gym

In this vlog, I venture to my local neighborhood gym where I give you an insight into the workout plan I created for myself. I really bare it all in this video and without shame, show off my gut, in hopes that it pushes me to continue this and see a difference a year from now.

Vlog X – Another Out of Body Experience

It has been over a year since I experienced an out of body experience during sleep paralysis, but on April 7th, 2017, I successfully had an OBE. Although it was exciting to see myself experiencing this (I am fascinated with this phenomenon), it was still quite a frightening experience. Watch as I describe in detail my experience on that night.

Vlog XI – Astral Projection, Deja Vu, & Time Travel

I was warned not to share this.