Marshall Malone: Experienced SEO & Multi-Platform Content Producer

Hi, I’m Marshall. I have over 15 years experience in both retail marketing and digital marketing, with a focus on SEO, web design, enterprise e-Commerce, paid social media, and digital content creation: including video productionphotographyweb design, and much more. I have worked with some of the largest companies in the world, as well as some in my own back yard. In 2019, I shifted my career path out of SEO and started working in the TV news/broadcast industry as a producer. Please review my skills and most recent experiences below or browse my portfolio. You can see my deeper work experience on LinkedIn


2020 - Present
Senior Creative Services Producer

Write, edit, light, shoot and produce high-end campaigns for promotion, clients, sales, news, programming, and community service projects. Assist in producing, conceptualizing, operating camera, and editing documentary and live programs including River City Live and the Mark Brunell Show. Developing and implementing social media growth plan for CW17.

2019 - 2020
Digital Marketing Specialist & Producer

As a digital marketing specialist and producer, I executed a daily creative digital strategy plan involving managers, on-air talent, and Action News Jax newsroom. Managed $60,000 paid digital ad budget. Other tasks involved producing, writing, shooting, and editing promos, snackables, and news related video content to drive online users to tune into CBS47 and FOX30 live broadcasts, website, and app downloads. Writing and producing weekly live stream web broadcasts, as well as developing and producing future programming for OTT distribution. Assisting Creative Services Director and Promotions Manager on sweeps calendar to plan social strategy. Driving coordinated social push with entire company, newsroom, and radio team to amplify campaign efficiency.

☝️ Major Career Change

2018 - 2019
SEO Manager
Led and managed a team of SEO Analysts, managed a double-digit, multi-million dollar budget, and worked with over twelve vendor partners to identify, analyze, and execute potential product, services, markets for dozens of academic partners in the online education industry. Developed new best practices and standard operating procedures (SOPs) for client strategy and more efficient internal operations. Analyzed data daily on established and prospective customers, competitors, and marketing. Prepared reports that interpret consumer behavior, market opportunities, conditions, marketing results, trends, and investment levels. Investigated and evaluated marketing methods, consumer insights, advertising channels, and their results in an effort to continually improve results. Grew buyin from multiple constituents in a collaborative cross-functional environment that spans across all of North America and beyond.
2017 - 2018
Senior SEO Strategist
Developing and managing data-informed SEO campaigns for all company sites, developing and executing a centralized content strategy focused on optimal internal linking and logical site structure, as well as managing a regularly scheduled Social Media campaign (Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc.) for Lakeview Health (April – December 2017). Developing project timelines and executing all tasks involved with all areas of SEO (including any overlap): research and discovery, basic SEO (on-page & off-page optimization), technical SEO, conversion optimization, UX, and basic web development. Managing and leveraging in-house video production equipment to produce videos for all digital platforms. Creating and developing monthly performance reports. Assisting Director of Marketing on non-digital campaigns.
2016 - 2017

Independent Contractor

SEO & Digital Marketing Specialist
Executed SEO Marketing and SM Marketing campaigns as a freelance Digital Marketing Specialist for Associated Packaging. My responsibilities included blog development, content creation, graphic design, photography, video production, copy-writing, optimizing on-page content, link profile development, etc. With limited resources, in my time with this contract, the website experienced it’s first sales after several years of the site being ran by various marketing agencies.
2013 - 2015
SEO Associate
Worked alongside a team of SEO experts to help drive millions in Organic Search revenue, which contributed to half of the companies’ revenue for 2015. Analyzed, reviewed, and implemented changes to company-branded sites ( delivering content pertaining to all the major professional sports leagues (NFL, MLB, NBA, NHL, NASCAR, UFC, PGA, MLS), as well as over 160 NCAA team sites. Maximized organic traffic and revenue growth via on-page optimization and helping to communicate SEO best practices across internal departments. Developed creative, original, and strategic on-page content (via Dreamweaver, HTML, CSS) and blog posts (WordPress) to increase traffic across our network of sites. Other responsibilities included building analytic reports (year-over-year growth of organic traffic, revenue, orders, AOV, and conversion rate) on a weekly basis, via Adobe Omniture, Google Analytics, and other platforms like Conductor Searchlight and SEO Clarity.
2012 - 2013

Fanatics, Inc.

Combined technical skill and artistic ability to achieve the best possible images of all incoming products for both company website and partner websites, while maintaining a steady workflow to meet department production goals. Consulted with image editors and other departments to ensure the best images flowed through process. Additional tasks included managing photography equipment, assisting the copy and audit department with website migration, working with Box Seat Clothing to create custom templates, assisting multiple departments of the company (Public Relations, Marketing, Social Media) in order to achieve company-wide objectives by developing creative content (video & photos), conducting model shoots with hired models (Manikin Model & Talent Agency) for both and, assisting department manager by delegating priority items to my teammates in order to ensure weekly department goals were met, and training new employees.



SEO Fundamentals

SEM Rush

SEO Specialization


INBOUND Conference


Writing for TV & Film

The Second City - Chicago
2003 - 2006

Dyersburg State


University of Memphis


Video Production

Sony Vegas 90%
Adobe Photoshop 85%
Adobe Premiere 85%
Adobe After Effects 45%
Adobe Audition 70%

Digital Marketing

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) 90%
Social Media Marketing (SMM) 85%
Paid Per Click (PPC) 65%
E-mail Marketing 60%
HTML & CSS 85%
WordPress Development 75%
UI / UX 75%
Project Management Software (Basecamp, Trello, Monday, etc.) 87%
Google Analytics 84%
SEM Rush 90%

About me

From right-brained skills like photography and video production to left-brained skills like SEO, content marketing, and analytics, I’ve had the luxury of learning many different skills over my years. I am autodidactic in my skills set, in that many of the skills I’ve learned have been self-taught or through professional opportunities. I’ve held a variety of jobs since I was 16 years old: from unloading trucks, selling shoes, and selling beer at NFL games, to executing highly profitable SEO campaigns and working in a world class photography studio. I’m very well rounded, to say the least. I am currently working as a creative services producer and editor for Graham Media, but always open to collaborating on personal creative endeavors with new people.



“Yea, we actually need to swoop up his boy, like we swooped up Jillian, because his shit looks really cool. I guess he does like graphics for the local news or something? He’s super proficient… and efficient.”

(Quote comes from episode 34 of This Is Important podcast. At 51:44, Blake comments on the production quality of the Live Stream show “TK Live.”)


Newacheck makes a mention of Upside Down Creative Media and Marshall in episode 34 of This Is Important podcastHe also featured Marshall and his partner Rob Moccio on the final episode of The Wonk Podcast after they won a contest.

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