Video Production In Jacksonville, FL

I have over a decade of experience in video production in Jacksonville, FL. I have executed everything from pre-production tasks like producing, booking, writing, and story-boarding, to production tasks like directing, camera operating, and all the way to post-production tasks like editing, basic animation, and even marketing. I’ve won several awards, including Audience Favorite at LOL Jax Film Festival 2017 for my film ‘Real Reality: Life Inside The Discomfort Zone.’

I have had the opportunity in my career to produce several videos for companies in Jacksonville, FL. In 2019, I started working in the television news/media industry. I am currently working as a Senior Creative Services Producer/Editor for Graham Media Group (WCWJ/WJXT/ECWJ.) In addition to film and TV production, I have also produced a few of podcasts including “Making Friends with Jessica Mears,” “Bold City Sports Talk Podcast,” and “Laugh Mountain Comedy Podcast.”

Experience Level with Production Shoot Scenarios

Commercial Production 80%
Testimonial Interviews 85%
Live Event Production 60%
Live Stream (Teleconference) Production 70%
Film Production 70%
Podcast Production 75%

Experience Level with Popular Video Production Apps

Sony Vegas 90%
Adobe Premiere 95%
Adobe After Effects 65%
Adobe Rush (Mobile App) 75%
Adobe Audition 80%
Davinci Resolve 45%
Filmic Pro (Mobile App) 45%

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