Podcast Production in Jacksonville, FL

I’ve been producing and distributing podcasts since 2017. My first project was a comedy podcast that was planned to give updates to our audience. After 4 episodes, we moved on to another project because of the low engagement. In 2022, I started producing Los Rotos Podcast which features both audio and video versions of the podcast. The podcast is filmed in a TV studio, with professional lighting and customized set. I’m currently taking on new clients, so please contact me.

🇪 = Explicit Language, Adult Topics

Los Rotos Podcast 🇪

Los Rotos Podcast is a new podcast launched in February 2022 where Vanessa Scaduto interviews other local Jacksonville comedians about comedy, life, and the paranormal to find the common bond among ‘the broken.’

Bold City Sports Talk

Bold City Sports Talk is a podcast starring Rob Moccio. In this podcast, they talk all sports from every league under the sun. The series ran 10 episodes and was cancelled due to scheduling conflicts.

Laugh Mountain Comedy Podcast 🇪

Laugh Mountain Comedy was the failed rebrand for Upside Down Creative Media that happened in 2017. We released two podcasts in two years.

Another Comedy Podcast 🇪

In 2017, after a shoot, we decided to break out the microphones to give another podcast a shot. However, after doing some research, we realized the name of the pod was already being used. We only released on episode.

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