In the first quarter of 2019, I started working in the television news/media industry. I am the former executive producer of Jax In Action, a weekly Facebook Live morning show. Throughout my time at Cox Media Group, I produced hundreds of social news teases and promotional videos designed to spark high percentage organic engagement and push social media followers to tune into live broadcasts. I have also had the opportunity to produce high quality television image spots for both brand, clients, and our internal agency.

In the fourth quarter of 2020, I was hired as a Senior Creative Services Producer/Editor for Graham Media Group (WCWJ/WJXT/ECWJ.)

🎥 TV Image Spots, PSA's, & News Story Promotions

I have experience working in multiple areas of TV production, writing, producing, shooting, and editing spots for brand image, public service announcements, and sweeps story promotions for our news departments. I have been referred to as a Swiss Army Knife because I can do a little bit of everything. Below, you’ll find a variety of TV spots I’ve produced, shot, and edited.

💰 Commercial Advertisements

Live Television Photography & Production

In May 2019, I took over the job of executive producer of Jax In Action, a studio-produced live stream show. The show focused on things going around in the area, highlighted local organizations and individuals making an impact in the community, and provided some levity in the world of news by focusing on positive stories, first and foremost. A total revamp of the show was expected to launch in March 2020, titled “Your 904,” but due to the COVID-19, the show was canceled.

I executed all parts of production, including writing script, booking and coordinating guests, editing VO b-roll for in show use, and producing the entire show in ENPS. I currently work on River City Live and The Mark Brunell Show as a camera operator for live shots and interviews.

Program Title: River City Live, WJXT/CW17 | Role: Camera Operator

Program Title: River City Live, WJXT/CW17 | Role: Camera Operator

Program Title: River City Live, WJXT/CW17 | Role: Camera Operator

Program Title: Jax In Action, FOX/CBS | Role: Executive Producer, Writer, Editor

Program Title: Jax In Action, FOX/CBS | Role: Executive Producer, Writer, Editor

Program Title: Jax In Action, FOX/CBS | Role: Executive Producer, Writer, Editor

📰 TV News Packages & Stories