This video got our channel disabled from live streaming for “violating Community Guidelines.” I was unaware, but live streams require a parent to present for children under 13. I wasn’t physically in the same room, but was monitoring and moderating chat from another room.

The team at YouTube needs to pay closer attention and you’ll see that Dad is at the top of the video and at the end, as well as checking in periodically and engaging the whole video. I appreciate the attempt to protect my children, but I’m 100% involved in this channel and moderate everything happening, even if I’m not physically present. This is the type of bad judgment that will get creators to leave your platform.

Anyway, enjoy this reupload of Adopt Me Live Stream ROBLOX Gameplay originally live streamed on November 22, 2020. It’s unfortunately in standard definition.

We will now be streaming over at Twitch and on Facebook until our account is allowed to live stream on YouTube. Please follow us on Twitch to engage in our future live streams!

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