This is just a little pregnancy announcement movie trailer we put together for family and friends. Originally recorded in June of 2012, we waited a bit to release it to ensure we didn’t experience a miscarriage, like we had with our previous pregnancy. I never meant for many people to see it and didn’t really create it for that, which explains why it wasn’t that great. At the time, nobody else in history had ever created a pregnancy announcement in the style of a movie trailer, so we were in a way, the pioneers of this style of announcement.

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  1. Elizabeth

    lol….that was brilliant!!! I am so going to have to create something like that when the time comes

  2. Eliza M. Belle

    Omg, can we please copy this for our announcement, it's exactly us!

  3. Erica Marie

    I was wondering if I could use the beginning of this video for my. I am announcing in just a few days and don't have time to creat much.