Trying out the new Call of Duty Warzone 2.0 LIVE for the first time and got the message Purchase Modern Warfare II to have Access To Everything. As of 8:00 PM EST the problem has been fixed! 🥳

09:02 Error comes up

An hour later I streamed with it working:

*This issue was resolved on PC, but according to many comments it is not fixed on all platforms. Best course of action is to contact game developers. I don’t have a resolution for you.

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  1. ryder

    i have the same thing i try play then says purchase modern warfare lol

  2. Marshall Malone

    Unfortunately I don’t know the fix. This is just a failed livestream where I discovered the error. Happens at 09:02

  3. QuadeFasho864

    Was having same problem reset console it worked for me

  4. Phoenix Gaming

    Guys guys I found how to fix it I play on ps5 and it said the same thing but all u have to do is download the packs that’s how I fixed my problem I promise I’m not trolling

  5. Jerry Woo

    I really got the fix..reply to my comment…i really got the fix

  6. Bruh My Pancakes

    I can’t do anything. I can play warzone but I want to play multiplayer

  7. Cameron Coulson

    I’ve bought the game on disc and it’s still happening to me I don’t have a clue

  8. Post4fun

    This happening to me rn bro I’m trynna play multiplayer and it’s telling me to purchase

  9. Yoboimisa

    I have the same issue i have the disc edition and it keeps saying that message i want to play multiplayer but i can't but yesterday i was able to download it which i did but now it keep saying to purchase it

  10. Marlene Black

    Hey my Son bought the cross gen bundle and he tried to get the upgrade for ps5. It wont let him play it and it keeps saying he needs to buy it still? Any help?

  11. Ian Wallace

    Dude, you reckon you got ripped?
    I paid jz short off $100 for the cod mw2 pack to have 'full access' , man its a full scam.
    My bank records show the transaction was successful and I still cant play the 'paid' for version of mw2.
    Im totally pissed.
    These silicone valley dix oughta be made to go n carry bricks in the sun to earn a weeks wage n maybe these 'accidental' glitches wouldnt occur.

    I hope thier banks get the shyt hacked out of them.

  12. WSRP_Vids

    I’m having the same issue, I’ve downloaded everything in MW2 and I’ve reseted the console as well and it doesn’t seem to work