ASMRtist, FrivolousFox (aka Frivvi) covered Keane’s “Somewhere Only We Know” in 2018 and alone, it was a very beautiful rendition, but since there is a Worldwide pandemic happening and I’m stuck at home like 99.99% of my life now, so I had to do something creative. This is what came of it.

Her voice reminds me of Billie Eillish a little bit. I was going to make the mix sound more like a Billie Eillish song, but I kept it simple. Also, I’m aware the timing is a little off on parts, but that’s because this wasn’t recorded in a studio at a consistent BPM.

She deserves all the credit. Watch her original video: (Wear headphones)

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  1. alex

    this is soo cool !! one of my favorite songs and my favorite asmr artist 🥺

  2. Robinson Huso

    Such a pure and beautiful soul.
    It saddens me that she had to endure such hardship in her life.

    I hope that she will never have to suffer ever again.

  3. Ava Slays 😼🤍

    I hope Frivvi see’s this!! She would LOVE this! ❤ (also, the BEST asmr artist!)

  4. @MrChesterdog

    But late to the party….. but wow this is fantastic. Ive been following frivi for years and she is a awesome singer and asmr artist.Have yiy shared this with her?