I’ve had several comments on the last video I did on MAGIX Acid Studio 11 and one of my subscribers expressed frustration on some basic stuff, so I thought I’d get on live really quick to show how to make a beat in MAGIX Acid Studio 11 with the provided content.

Forgive me for my inconsistency, but I am not a proper YouTuber in the sense that I don’t have time to make a ton of videos and focus on one subject, plus I don’t really consider myself a YouTuber – it’s sort of like saying, “I”m a Facebook guy.”

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  1. Ezy Pzy

    Hello I just got this from Humble Bundle but I can't seem to find the folder you had all the beats and stuff in.

  2. 3D Print Timelapse

    Can you use your own bought VST synthesizers with this software? I really cant find an answer about that.

  3. W1llb3

    so can i use other magix loops have purchased with this daw?

  4. dj peterparker

    every song or sample i try todownload says "none of the files dropped on acid can be opened

  5. Picco

    Thank you ~ this Video was helpful for me.

  6. Apollo Sun

    The very first DAW I had was Samplitude running on Win98 with 32MB RAM – remember the days when RAM was measured in MB??

  7. Nicholas Hanson

    I can not find the loop collections anywhere after downloading and installing! And helpful ideas?

  8. Waleska Carlo Art Studio

    Hello there, thanks for your help with this video. I was having trouble with loops, but I fix it. This video helps a lot. Blessings.

  9. Davide Ghersoni

    thanks, I am resuming Acid pro..I was busy with life for the last 17 years..I was one of the first users of Acid back in the early 2000s and really missed it

  10. TheWrathOfBlackJesus

    I’ve been using ACID PRO 3.0 since 1998. Do you think the program has changed so much that I won’t be able to use it with ease? Thanks!

  11. I was wondering, how to insert your own samples. I want to be able to add my ez drummer beats into the program so i can have samples of each beat to use it essentially as a drum machine.

  12. Shane S.

    is it compatible with kontakt, I need a Windows version of Garageband/Logic pro x essentially, been searching years, Studio One was very close UI wise but felt just weird to use didnt feel seamless . FL is out of the question. I found ableton complicated in terms of disrupting flow/creativity because UI issues

  13. CatmasterTrash

    How do you keep the bass from cutting out so low when the beat drops? Is there some kind of parametric EQ to tweak this later so the levels are even?