Diving into MAGIX Acid Music Studio 11 in a live stream to give a basic tutorial and review. I’ve used DAWs for over two decades, starting with the original Sonic Foundry Acid Pro (eventually known as Sony Acid Pro.)

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  1. Jonathan Soko

    I am a 90s hardware sampler kinda guy, asr, eps 16 etc so learning software is quite annoying to me. Fl studio while i hate it, i know how to use it… learning acid has been quite frustrating to say the least. The reason i love hardware is the ease of use, well i guess i can say that is because im used to it.

  2. Llama Warrior

    how the fuck can you add files without drawing that shit automatically? I'm so annoyed that I can't just add the loops…

  3. xnetpc

    I started off using Sonic Foundry's Acid 3.0. I think version 6 was the first to be released under the Sony brand name.
    I have to wonder where you were in the late 1990s if you think electronic music wasn't very big at that time. 1997-2000 was the peak of popularity for electronic music. House, trance, drum & bass, jungle, techno, big beat, industrial etc, were all blowing up around that time. Raves and ecstasy was fueling the market for electronic music. unfortunately for a lot of the people producing the music, they weren't as much recognition for their work, but the DJ's presenting the music were making millions at the time.
    NIN's first remix contest happened in 2005, Trent Reznor was hardly an upcoming artist by that time. His big break was 1994's Downward Spiral, which went 4x platinum.
    I think you missed out on a lot good rock/rap collabs if you are comparing Aerosmith and Run DMC to Lincoln Park. check our Sir Mix Alot and Metal Church's Ironman from 1988. Anthrax and Public Enemy's Bring the Noise from 1991 is another one. You should also listen to the entire Judgement Night Sound Track from 1992.

  4. The Looking Glass

    I bought Sound Forge Acid Pro, I loved that program, I followed it all the way through the Sony purchase. I find its better that pro tools – or at least it use to be. I used it as a multi track recorder/sequencer to do a full band music with sequenced real drum samples from my friend who was early into electronic drum tracking

  5. Tommy Vercetti

    How did you get access to the pre made loops? i just got acid 11 and have no sounds or loops available.

  6. Jeep Reworked

    Dude thanks! I was worried, been using Acid since Sonic Foundry and topped out at the Sony version because I trust them,. Magix was something I remember seeing at like the Best Buy clearance bin for notation software back in the day lol. But the dark mode is getting me and the fact you pulled up the stock eq and such showed me they still have the basic fx. Sweetwater has this for $19 right now and gonna get it because I can cruise and edit podcasts way faster in Acid that any DAW, now I can get rid of my super DOS looking Acid! What part of TN? I'm here and always looking to colab.

  7. Josh Ray

    I appreciate you taking the time to go through this a bit. I started with Cakewalk back in 2004 and I originally only worked on recording vocals for my music. I've been off and on since due to family and life, but the last two years have spent a lot of time with MAGIX-related software. I'm getting ready to kick everything into another gear, so I'm evaluating whether this (and eventually Acid PRO) are the direction I want to go. So far, I like it. Thank you again, man! Hope you've got work going now!

  8. CloudSpell

    so the acid music studio 11 comes with a free vst

  9. toneVAAVE

    I just got the program. It keeps asking for an update and when I go to update it wants me to install microsoft visual c++ 2013 redistributable package (x64) even though I have each yearly package installed. anyone else have this problem? i've tried installing the 64bit & 32bit

  10. Don Coyote

    Does this daw play well on a HIDPi display?
    From the looks of it, they're using Magix's signature skin like they do in Magix Music Maker but with different colors.
    And Music Maker is terrible on 4k. Like you can't upscale the resolution it all.
    Does Acid Pro have the same issue or are there scaling options in the display settings somewhere?


    hey brother, love the time and effort taken. I have been working with acid and the sony family for years. I am considering taking my editing to another level, but not sure if i stick with magix or abelton/reaper. I tried those free trials, but it's a high learning curve. I haven't tried any of the new magix software such as acid 10 or studio 11. I mainly do dj edits (copy/paste with fx automation). I just want to introduce more, but without taking months to learn new software. Is acid 10 or studio 11 worth it?

  12. Dj Giovanny 1

    Thank for your time good videos, is the acid 11 let you edit music videos too ?

  13. Laugh at Football

    Your video made me smile. I used to mess around with the Sony version many years ago but like you, drifted away.
    I recently watched someone play with Abelton and it ignited something within. I tried Abelton but just couldn’t get a grip of it.
    I searched basic DAW and your video popped up! I’m half way through but had to pause to comment.
    Thank you so much for making this video, I love that you said you weren’t a musician. I feel like we’re doing the same thing. I love that your kids pulled bits off your keyboard, I now have 2 kids and I know how it goes.
    I love that you mentioned streaming software, I’ve been thinking about this too.
    I feel like I know your story, just a little bit. I’ll definitely check out your channel.

  14. Ya'aqob

    Hey there, I recently started acid pro 11 and plugin alliance. I'm having a hard time figuring out how to record the samples from plugin. Is there any information on this and do I need something like pro tools to record and play all my tracks simultaneously?

  15. do de

    quantize acid pro 11 ?