I was warned not to upload this, but I need to get this information out there.

Last night I experienced another sleep paralysis out of body experience, with astral projection, followed up with a day of chronic dΓ©jΓ  vu. Today’s experiences have lead me to believe I have experienced time travel. I have no idea how to time travel, but it appears I do. Here is one of my astral projection time travel stories.

Decide for yourself.


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  1. Ftsar

    Sick edit in the end. I had sleep paralysis once and now I'm interested in all this stuff ))

  2. Dm Suja

    Marshall, did you hit the vibrational state?

  3. Sofian

    Hey I am 30 and having sleep paralysis since I'm 9 years old.
    Last December I had the most impressive experience during one.
    I opened my eyes, saw a shadow on the wall, tried to fight it but every time I was trying to punch it (I couldn't move ofc) I was feeling bad and painful. So I decided to give up, relax and see what could happen and at this point I've felt all my body vibrating and I had an OBE for "only" 3 seconds but trust me it was the longest seconds of my life. I was wondering "wtf is going on? where am I going ? would I be able to come back ? am I dying ? I need to wake up, wake up !" and I woke up… after this episode I was really interested into astral projection and lucid dreams.
    I did lots of lucid dreams but no more OBE/astral projection. I'm trying to do it again. Now my sleep paralysis are less frequent than before.
    Cheers man.

  4. Ms Bunny

    scared crap out of me at the end if its fake awesome editing skills otherwise yikes lol

  5. Myother Namesreal

    Ive genuinely had this same feeling on several occasions, sometimes preceded by dreams of an unusual nature and ive got a theory for what is happening.every time you have strong dejavu I think that one ofΒ 3 possibilities has taken place, First possibility: the future has just been changed – basically you have already lived much farther into the future than you at this moment realised but something somewhere in the world has been altered via time travel on this day. because it doesn't affect you directly at this point the day roles out the same way it did the first time round, except you feel like your repeating something you've already done hence the DeJavu feeling. from this day forward your life continues as normal without the feeling until the next point when that future is altered and you get a different dejavu from a different point. An example of the change may be that a key event like a war breaking out or an assassination has been averted from happening, because you never get to hear about it or aren't / are affected by it life from that point on Is altered, but up to that point as far as your perception is aware it was always the same. essentially this is a mild awareness of a time slipSecond possibility: you've exchanged with yourself from a parallel universe that is a fraction of time out of line and you experience dejavu while you stabilise.Third possibility: Brain crosswiring, basically your long term and short term memory cross there signals causing short term memories to feel like old memories – (im pretty sure this one accounts for the dejavu feeling when taking certain euphoric things mentioned in this video)3rd one is most plausible, but I like how much more interesting posibilities1 and 2 are

  6. DjGoOFy

    Hahahaha Good One… AAAAA+++++++

  7. Gene Mahilum

    Deja vu is the closest to reality time travel proof.

  8. I feel that way about people. I come from Germany and I have a work colleague who looks and behaves exactly like Gronkh, who is a famous Let's Player here in Germany. The irony is that we work in a sheltered workshop that specializes in people with mental health problems and that this Let's player played a game called "Edna and Harvey – The Breakout" many years ago, which plays in a psychiatric ward. It feels to me like this game has become real, only that the characters have been replaced. Instead of the actual characters, real life chose the work colleague who is like Gronkh and me. The only real difference is that my colleague is not a YouTuber.

  9. This is Our Channel

    Wow! you really should upload more often. i love hearing about your paranormal experiences and your editing skills are really cool!

  10. Azad -

    That was a demon. Stay woke. They are deceiving

  11. georges farah

    hi i'm from lebanon from 1 year i tried some kind of out of body experience and astral projections video (for paul santisi) during the video i live this feeling out of body when start the session he ask first to think about a place or a person you like to visit so the place what i was thinking about to visit was my future ,later i start feel things strange happen i start see double time and mirror time frequently but this isn't only the strange thing what happen ,later little by little every thing start become bad in my country, november lebanon was on fire big fires hit the country 2 months later a storm hit the country and make a lot of damage even giant trees was not safe and this was strange to happen , after this the economy of the country fall down the lebanese lira lost 85% from it's value alot of people lost their jobs and more than 60% of the population become under the line of poor , after this start covid19 , than start have problem with bread, fuel electricity and start manifestations , and in august sure all know about the disaster in the port of beirut the explosion of the ammonium nitrate it was like a small atomic bomb destroy half of the capital , every month from this year happen a disaster it could be a coencidence you will said but happen all this bad things in same year ? we as lebanese we start wait month by month what disaster will come next month until one day on facebook someone put a status one picture jumanji book and he put a comment who open this book please close it, another put a status next month earth quake and after we will start see disnosaurs on the streets , this make me think maybe this experience attracts all this bad luck , maybe you will laugh about this but be sure if you are living now in lebanon and you hear this you will agree me because the people here become desperate from the bad luck and disaster after disaster

  12. shalewa daramola

    The person you saw is you well a future you one day see a shadow outside your house or maybe you already have as a child i saw shadow person in my room when i was 4 i panicked and developed a fear of the dark. when i was 20 i had a dream of watching myself as a child in my room watching me panicked then i realized that the shadow person i saw was me as a child and this is not the first time i'v astral projected time travel. i had a girlfriend who when we were together and i was in a different city. I astral projected and visited her it was weird the house looked different we broke up and then 2 years she messages me and says she saw a shadow person who communicated to her it was me and i had a message for her. so i had traveled forward this time i have no control of it but i'm worried if i can time travel via dreams and interact through time what else can i do. Im naturally good at its called plannes dreaming but traveling though time that is new so so maybe you have the same ability .

  13. Murdoc Niccals

    Reply to me

    Time loops could be death points where we restart

  14. The Conscious movement

    Your mind is vibrating between the dream realm and physical realm or your subconscious saw the next day while you were dreaming (astral projecting)

  15. Spiritualsyyy

    I’m so high I decided to search up astral projection and deja vu wow