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  1. The John-Taylors

    This has to be Christmas number 1 haha

  2. Evolicious X

    Love the instrumentals! Do you make these from scratch? The beats and everything?

    1. Upside Down Creative Media

      Depends on the situation. This song was a combination of composing with synths and premade loops. Sometimes when I’m in a pinch I use premade beats, but I have an electronic drum kit and will sometimes just play the beat. But I also compose some myself from scratch. I have a website with almost all the music I’ve composed over the last 20 years if you wanna check it out.

    2. Evolicious X

      Yeh ill check it out for Sure!

  3. @billywaynemcwilliams9063

    Where you from.. somewhere close to me I bet… little rock talking to yah .peace

    1. @UDCMComedy

      From Memphis but live in Florida now