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  1. User2718218

    They won't take responsibility to start talking about the ASTRONOMICAL amount of not-pale-on-not-pale murrrderrrr, violeence, and crime and the ASTRONOMICAL amount of not-pale on EVERYBODY murrrderrrr, violeeeeence and crime…..

  2. Mr. Varhansen

    Lol these people are ridiculous. (Raspy Action Movie Voice): I take responsibiliteeeeee…….m

  3. Vantastic!

    What's wrong with the twitchy eye guy?

    1. Upside Down Creative Media

      Stroke from trying too hard

  4. Vallis Daemonum


  5. Holly Perrin

    Somebody better take responsibility for hair and make-up! I only recognized one celebrity!

  6. Deez Nutz

    all bunch of fakes

  7. The Botfather

    64-bit? what is this 1995? 😂

    1. Upside Down Creative Media

      Celebrities, am I right? They think they know everything.

    2. The Botfather

      @Upside Down Creative Media 😂

  8. alexander arkum

    Oh what a bunch of noble heroes….is what they want us to say lol

  9. David George

    Great then your all responsible. Lock them up.

  10. rockonallnight

    Are they done watching the thousands of black people dying in cities like Chicago though as well I wonder? Nah.

  11. Sunset


  12. Joseph Hutchinson

    I fake responsibility.

  13. leo

    Damn ,bro you get those cops man ,you're what we need in this world to end racism


    the funny thing is how easy is to make fun of stupid and misleading campaigns like "I take responsability"

  15. Jacob McCarthy

    I take responsibility for every time I chose to play as Trevor rather than Franklin.

    1. Upside Down Creative Media

      Haha! Yes!!!

  16. Peter Parker

    I take responsibility for be tired of people trying to make me feel awful about any i don't do.

  17. Veckoza

    You know, in GTA, you seriously can't even talk to a cop without getting a wanted level. If you just stand next to one, without doing anything, they will get mad and you'll get a Wanted Level. That's literally how people are trying to depict real cops lmao.

  18. King Arthur

    Lol nice video, subbed

  19. The Stuff of Legend Daniel Loera

    00:17 But what about the REALLY REALLY funny Jokes?

  20. Olzhas Sadyrbayev

    USA go take responsibility))))))) go make it things with genders, we whant to see girls and gays in military army, we whant to see USA without police! You guys doing good things 😃👍🏻

    1. Upside Down Creative Media

      Wish for it all you want — you can’t beat the American spirit. The true citizens are fighting back on this bullshit. We are a nation of strong people. What you see on your media is what YOUR government wants you to believe.

  21. @brainbomb.

    What gets me is how the first woman says "I take responsibility" and then the guy says it, but all I hear is bass as I'm wearing headphones.