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  1. Upside Down Creative Media

    When you upload a video and it receives 9 dislikes immediately and then you check analytics to see the dislikes all come from the same location.

  2. @LewisFarinellaFilmmaker

    I'd have to say this is your best work to date. Feels like a parody of those A&E shows like Intervention and poking fun at those terrible "possession" horror movies that come out every year. lol Robbie is a great physical comedian as well. Keep it up guys. Btw, I do have a few comedy scripts/concepts I'd be glad to pass on to you guys if you're interested.

    1. @UDCMComedy

      +Lewis Farinella Thanks Lewis! I appreciate the kind words. I'll be more happy to look at those scripts/concepts. Please e-mail them to me at mmalone@upsidedowncreativemedia.com.

  3. Morning Hardwood Team Jerry, Todd and Britt

    Like Herpes, great line!, Illuminati line was killer also!

    1. Marshall Malone

      Thanks guys!

  4. OneWordWesley - Vlogs, Skits, and Music

    It's actually starting to anger me how unappreciated this channel is. I don't get it, this stuff is gold I wish I could get it to more people to see

    1. Upside Down Creative Media

      Thanks for the support friend. We are still going to keep plugging away. We have something coming very soon. Also, can't wait to edit your next video!