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  1. Denny Crane

    Did someone punch him in the face

    1. Cool Boy

      @Upside Down Creative Media Yeah I noticed that too, glad you know about that too, when did the black eyes start? Are there images of "elites" with black eyes from years ago?

  2. 5 Dollar Comedy

    Give me some crazy I can dance to. Awww yeahhhhh

  3. Evolicious X

    Too good

    1. Upside Down Creative Media


  4. Prelovedbargainsandantiques

    Love the Kenny C backing part!

  5. Henry Manzano

    Jesse comin thru with that smoke….🔥🔥🔥🔥

  6. Zachary Peacock

    I actually like this man for his comedic ways but i would never follow him spiritually…

  7. Corey Brewer

    RLMAO!! 😂😂😂😂😂

  8. AAHQ/Bronze Factory Productions

    As an ordained Reverend, I can say, hand on Heart, that this guy & all the others are DEMONIC. And have you noticed that this guy has a black eye? Remember a year or so ago all the elites who we all KNOW are involved in child aduse & who promoted anti Christ philosophy ALL were sporting a black eye at the same time. This is so dodgy.A tree will be judged on its fruit

  9. Michael Garcia

    Bad-ass! You made art out of false profits!

  10. cds9781

    Jesse Duplantis is a buffoon, but this remix is legit!

  11. fee dee


    1. Upside Down Creative Media

      I’ll write them and post them soon

  12. What's his name

    Looks like LiL KC isn't the only one in this game.

    1. Upside Down Creative Media

      JD lives that lifestyle

  13. Tyler Durden

    that head wagglin is that a southern thing?

  14. michael beck

    he said god asked him for advice and he needs a 80 million bucks for a private jet and his illuminati friend can't be in a plane with demons wtf tbn needs to be shut down and so does the 700 club asap lmao

  15. Maria Cards

    Does he have a black eye?

  16. Freddie Stranger

    Give your life to Jesus Christ ✝️🛐 TODAY TO ESCAPE HELL 🔥

    1. Upside Down Creative Media

      Already did hope u did too

  17. Eddy Robichaud

    Looks like psychic

  18. @theunknowngamer5477

    The "Black Eye" can be an initiation level or reputation price, of membership of the Illuminati.

  19. @Grandpa_Boxer

    Here's a great presidential prospect for the Republican Party in case the "Orange Doofus" goes to jail. Total fruitcake!!! They'll love him!!!