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  1. Seriously Sketchy

    This is all a big joke at this point HAHA AND THIS SLAPS

  2. ZenAdventurerUSA

    Why do we actively seek to be offended by stuff like this? He was clearly joking with someone with whom he feels comfortable joking. End of story, people. Just…stop it.

    1. Regulated Imp, Inc.

      Welp, looks like I’m the only one that agrees with you. I sensed his tone of voice, and his comment was statistically accurate.If we want professionalism in the 21st century, we’d better turn the TV off and do it ourselves. The real offense is there—the intentional dumbing down of Americans.

    2. Unccle Locc

      @Regulated Imp, Inc. If it was "statistically accurate" what do being Blacc has to do with a obligation to for Blacc people to vote for him particularly. I never cared that he even existed prior to the statement. In to date the only White individual ever showed any consideration For Blacc people is John Brown the abolitionist.

    3. Jay B.

      A lot of us is not offended because we don’t trust no one not trump not Biden none of your politicians. Y’all ain’t shit. We will build our own nation one day.

    4. Craig Tattum

      You guys are clearly more black than I am

    5. Upside Down Creative Media

      How you feel about old Joe now?

  3. MadSet

    whats up brothers much love. please do some research on the whole obama biden clinton trio. please watch "OUT OF SHADOWS". youtube is censoring this documentary. millions of views yet its really hard to find. let me know if you cant find it. thanks.

    1. mars bar

      Yes please. I couldn't find it. I'd love to watch it. Thanks

  4. Bold City Sports Talk

    Looks like Biden is giving Copeland a run for his money. Who’s gonna be the hottest rapper of 2020?

  5. 2Keen To Give a What

    Needs a verse from Tekashi69


    Fuckin awesome

  7. GCND

    In before this blows up

    1. Upside Down Creative Media

      We’ll see! Our channel is 7 years old and nothing has ever gone viral.

  8. Mike

    I love watching his mind fail. It's beautiful.

  9. Mr. Varhansen

    check out my remix too

    1. Upside Down Creative Media

      Cool! Your content looks weird – like good weird. I subbed.

    2. Mr. Varhansen

      @Upside Down Creative Media lol thanks I love making weird stuff

    3. Upside Down Creative Media

      @Mr. Varhansenme too

  10. Stuart MC

    Dead….! Dead….!Dead…..!

  11. Upside Down Creative Media

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  12. Coxinator Productions

    Dude…we had a mind meld!! Great work!

  13. Regulated Imp, Inc.


    1. Upside Down Creative Media

      Thank you! Sub for more like this!

  14. Tropic Al

    Maybe, just maybe, Joe Biden earned the right to say that …
    For those of us who are IGNORANT about Bidens work as a younger man.
    Humanity here is either very forgetful, or maybe ignorant, or simply ungrateful. Joseph Biden as a younger man was a CIVIL RIGHTS ADVOCATE FOR BLACK SELF DETERMINATION INTERNATIONALLY, a man of common DECENCY, and had a keen sense of JUSTICE! Its Soo easy to it there and judge others wrongfully, its evil to join the bandwagon and crucify innocent people genuinely trying to do the best for the common good for all humanity. Let LOVE conquer HATE and DECEPTION…once and for all

    1. Jay B.

      Nigga he crafted the “Crime Bill” fuck outta here.

  15. Adan M.

    Dead dead dead, I kill 100 thousand people to win, dead dead dead

  16. Adan M.

    You are dead charl…. What is your name? Never mind I don't care you are black, you don't know me dead dead dead.

  17. Jesus Brighst

    Better than s6x9ine's latest music

    1. Upside Down Creative Media

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  18. Jon Collins 3

    hahahhahahah THERE GOES THE DEM PARTY

  19. Mikey b64

    For Gods sake, elect this man president. It doesn't fuckin matter now and we could use the entertainment!

  20. First Lastname

    C'mon, man. Get a life !

  21. SpartanExistence

    this could have been way better