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  1. Winston Smith

    Beachheads sounds cool. Looking forward to it, and more of these podcast type videos too.
    Edit: After this, I just watched Lazy Sunday for the first time. Thanks for that.

    1. Upside Down Creative Media

      Adam Barnett thanks! We will be doing more and bringing on guests. We literally got this video blocked and had to edit lazy Sunday out. NBC doesn’t play around.

  2. @RescueRestoreShorts

    I like the mixer, it looked legit lol. The podcast is cool though, I dig it.

    1. @UDCMComedy

      It’s a good one, but it requires to be plugged into my computer so logistically in the space we recorded it, it wasn’t feasible. Well record more of these. I need to invest in camcorders instead of DSLRs because the runtime of a camcorder is up to an hour or longer where my DSLRs stop at 12 minutes.

    2. @RescueRestoreShorts

      Upside Down Creative Media the last video I uploaded was recorded with my iPhone. I never thought I’d say that.