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  1. Hailey Morgan

    Ow my hand stings my brother twisted a pop bottle super tight and he wanted me to open it and I could not open it and now my hand stings and I also got a blister

  2. Hailey Morgan

    I just subscribed to your guys channel btw

  3. John Smith

    As an able to disabled person this gives me hope. Since I was a boy I didn't feel like other kids. Even tho I had functioning legs I felt like I shouldn't. im proud of him for making the transition. Such courage.

  4. One Bad Comic


  5. No Fear American Business

    You guys are absolutely hilarious I love your stuff

  6. Alexa Oaks


    1. Upside Down Creative Media

      You’re pathetic

  7. Adam


  8. @bubz3t136

    Hey, are you the guy who said he had his idea stolen by Comedy Central? I'm a writer myself, and I'd like to ask you some questions. For starters, is it true that you have to be a freemason, to stand a chance of getting a show on TV?

    1. @UDCMComedy

      I am not a Freemason, so I don’t know. The series wasn’t on TV. It was a web-series on YouTube. The time stamps are public and you can see they published after me by 6 months. Not the same exact story but same format.

    2. @bubz3t136

      @@UDCMComedy Thanks for replying. The freemason thing came from a video I watched months ago, where a guy was insisting writers don't stand a chance unless they're a mason. When I said I was a writer, I just meant I've been writing a sitcom, on and off, for years. Many years actually, and I'm now thinking of pitching it. Do you have any advice you can give me? I know idea theft is very common. I'm in England, by the way, and I haven't got an Agent.

    3. @UDCMComedy

      @bubz3t136 It is hard nowadays. With the SAG AFTRA strikes, I’m not sure anything is getting made in Hollywood anytime soon. One route is to see if you can band together with makers in your area. Find indie filmmakers or local studios that are into your script. I haven’t had much success pitching to producers in Hollywood. Most of the time they know what they want and if it isn’t in a set niche of what they know sells, they don’t read it. I wish I could help more. Good luck!